How To Make   Pink Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail

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Why This Recipe Is The Best!

This cocktail is light and refreshing, with subtle herby flavor from woodsy rosemary. No fancy equipment is needed and no sugar is added - just a few simple ingredients is all that's necessary. It's the perfect winter cocktail! ❄️

– 4 ounces vodka – 8  ounces grapefruit juice – 8  ounces sparkling water – 2 rosemary sprigs – 2 slices of grapefruit (optional)

Ingredients Needed

1. Pour vodka and grapefruit juice into a container with lid. Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds. 2. Pour into glasses and add sparkling water and rosemary sprigs. If using grapefruit slices as garnish, add to glass rims.

Recipe Instructions

* Make it sweeter. I purposely left out simple syrup  in this recipe, as the grapefruit juice is sweet. However, if you prefer  a sweeter cocktail, add a dash of honey, maple syrup or agave.

Expert Tips

* Muddle your rosemary. If you want a stronger rosemary  flavor and have a muddler on hand, you could muddle the rosemary and add  to your grapefruit juice/vodka mixture before shaking to combine.

Expert Tips

* Use fresh-squeezed juice. Using fresh-squeezed  grapefruit juice will make all the difference in this cocktail, lending a  more vibrant flavor than store-bought juice.

Expert Tips

* Substitute your favorite herb. I love rosemary, and because of its piney and woodsy flavor, it pairs really well with citrus.

Expert Tips

* Use high-quality vodka. Since it's just a few simple ingredients, we want to use a high-quality vodka.

Expert Tips