What to Serve with Sloppy Joes (23 Delicious Ideas)

Who doesn't love sloppy joes for dinner? But how do you decide on a side dish? Whether you're looking for heartier side dishes like mashed potatoes and stuffed peppers, or lighter ones like salads, I've got tasty ideas for sloppy joe side dishes!

My easy and healthy recipe for vegetarian sloppy joes is made meatless, using lentils and mushrooms to create a meaty texture  that is high in protein. They're smoky, tangy, savory, and just as messy as the original!

Crunchy sweet potato fries are sweet and savory, seasoned with garlic and rosemary, and served with a creamy garlic-rosemary mayo. It's a perfect side dish or appetizer that's ready in 30 minutes!

1. Roasted Japanese Sweet Potato Fries

Easy, buttery, and creamy red skin mashed potatoes is a rustic side dish that will be a welcomed addition at any table. In this homemade recipe, we leave the skin on for more flavor, texture, and nutrition. Just 5 simple ingredients and ready in 20 minutes!

2. Creamy Red Skin Mashed Potatoes 

This purple cabbage slaw is fresh, zingy, crunchy, mayo-free, and the perfect side dish for your summer cookout or picnic. It's a quick and easy slaw that's ready in 15 minutes and budget-friendly. Loaded with nutrients, it's a healthy side dish that's naturally dairy-free and high  in fiber.

3. Purple Cabbage Slaw

Crispy and creamy chimichurri potatoes are roasted and tossed in an  herby and spicy cilantro chimichurri sauce, lending them a vibrant and garlicky herb-forward flavor, with just the right amount of heat. A  quick and simple side dish that's naturally dairy-free and gluten free.

4. Roasted Potatoes with Chimichurri

Crispy, crunchy, vegan roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic are the perfect anytime side dish. Just 3 ingredients, naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and ready in 35 minutes!

5. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic

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