How To Make Summer Tortellini Salad

A bright, cheesy, and zingy vegetarian pasta salad that's full of  summer produce and ready in less than 30 minutes. Perfect for your next potluck, picnic, or BBQ!

– Cheese tortellini – Cherry tomatoes – Zucchini For the Walnut Pesto – Walnuts – Parmesan cheese – Garlic  – Fresh basil  – Extra-virgin olive oil – Salt & black pepper

Ingredients Needed

Cook the tortellini according to instructions on package. Drain well and rinse under cold water immediately.

Recipe Instructions

Make the walnut pesto: In the bowl of a food processor, add walnuts, parmesan, and garlic, and pulse until finely ground. Add basil and mix for an additional minute. With motor on, slowly add olive oil until smooth. Season with salt and set aside.

Recipe Instructions

Place cooked tortellini in a large bowl, and add tomatoes and zucchini. Add pesto to bowl and mix until ingredients are well coated.

Recipe Instructions

Season to taste with salt and pepper. If  using shaved parmesan and fresh basil, add to bowl. Serve chilled or at  room temperature.

Recipe Instructions

* Make ahead: You can make the tortellini and pesto up to 24 hours ahead of time. Just store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. * How to serve: Serve chilled or at room temperature.

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