How to Make Spooky Spider Cookies

Oreo spider cookies are a cute and festive Halloween treat. This easy recipe is a fun edible Halloween craft project that can be served as-is on a decorative platter or used as cupcake/cake toppers for your Halloween party.

– Oreo cookies – Rope black licorice – candy eyes – white icing – candy corn

Recipe Ingredients

Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Gently pull apart Oreos and place on baking sheet.

Recipe Instructions

Cut the black licorice into 2-inch pieces. You will need 8 per cookie, so 128 total.

Recipe Instructions

Place 4 pieces of cut licorice on each side of the cookie with filling. Place a dime-size of icing on the  inside of the matching cookie top (the one without filling). Place top  back onto cookie with licorice legs.

Recipe Instructions

Place a pea-size of icing on the back of candy eyes and place two on top of each cookie to create the eyes of your cookie spiders.

Recipe Instructions

Cut candy corn just above where the white part ends. Insert the candy corn tips into the front portion of cookie filling, between the two sets of legs, creating spider fangs.

Recipe Instructions


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