How to Cut Cabbage (3 easy methods)

Learn how to cut cabbage to add flavor and crunch to your favorite dishes, like tacos, soups, and stir-fries. Whether you want to slice cabbage for coleslaw, or shred cabbage for egg rolls, I will show you the best methods to get the  best results.

Cabbage is full of nutrition and health benefits, like boosting your immune system and improving your digestion (it is a cruciferous vegetable, after all!).

Health Benefits of Cabbage

There are hundreds of varieties of cabbage grown throughout the world. However, there are just 4 varieties available in U.S. grocery stores: green, red/purple, Napa, and savoy.

Types of Cabbage

Remove the outer wilted leaves of your cabbage (usually 2-3 whole leaves). After cutting or shredding your cabbage, you can give it a quick rinse under water or place it in a salad spinner to remove any bacteria. Pat it dry before using.

How to Prep Cabbage

Using a sharp knife, cut cabbage down the middle from top to bottom. Cut out the white core at the bottom of each sliced half by cutting a triangular shape.

How to Cut Cabbage into Wedges

Place the halves cut side down, and cut each half into two pieces (from top to bottom), giving you four quarters. You can take it one step further and cut the quarters into eighths for eight total wedges.

How to Cut Cabbage into Wedges

The easiest way to slice cabbage is using either a mandolin or box grater, but you can also do it by hand using a sharp knife, or using the slicing attachment on your food processor.

How to Slice Cabbage 

If using a knife, place the wedges cut side down on the cutting board. Starting at the top of the cabbage, cut crosswise from top to bottom into thin slices.

How to Slice Cabbage 


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